Why does the French Cyber Punk Artists network use the Chinese blockchain?

Who are you Laurent Vo Anh ?

I am an intellectual activist who has decided to master all disciplines, financial, artistic, political, cultural and religious. The purpose of my life is to improve the destiny of humanity using all possible tools through a wide and deep range of knowledge and application. See my full skills.

What have you achieved for art and blockchains ?

I have been a cyber punk since the beginning of the Web, 15 years before the invention of Bitcoin. Seeing that the Crypto Punk were not punks, but designer billionaires, seeing that the more monkeys disappeared in the wild the more he appeared at the Ape yacht Club, I said to myself, in the world of crypto NFT everything becomes fake , so I’ll sort it all out.

How did you react to these losses of reference?

I simply did France’s biggest NFT campaign defending Julian Assange and attacking Joe Biden’s famous « world police » and his American imperialist GIs. I am a French intellectual, my sources of information are born from the powerful seeds of the high culture of humanity, so never will BIG Brother America sell me its false democracies in order to immerse me in the murderous madness of UNCLE SAM and his disgusting McCarthyism.

China has a bad international reputation, so why did you choose Chinese blockchains?

China, on the contrary, has a very good global reputation and the Chinese, everywhere in the world, behave for the most part well. On the other hand, in the Western media, China is considered a dictatorship, which is false, moreover the Chinese Communist Party has more than 90 million members, which is structurally much more democratic than our system.

But France is more democratic than China?

Absolutely not, France is a neoliberal dictatorship, led by a dozen big bosses who bought France with the neoliberal printing Bank Tickets. Monkey money against the sweat and heritage of France. Even today « the commission of inquiry on the plurality of the media » initiated by senators and deputies of the national assembly points the finger at the fact that the media do not respect their duty to inform linked to the presidential election . Citizens are badly informed so that the elections have all been invalid for several decades, and this phenomenon is increasing dangerously.

Did you choose the Chinese blockchain based on geopolitics ?

Absolutely, it is even the duty of a cyber punk. To unmask, as Julian Assange and Edward Snowden suggest, the propaganda of American imperialism, and to understand that the Eurasian and even Afro-Eurasian continent has everything to gain by freeing itself from American imperialist follies, both murderous and starving. This is the only way to be faithful to the victims of American wars and to stop the wars of tomorrow. Remember that 2/3 of American veterans become homeless, depressive, suicidal, delinquent, drug addicts and alcoholics. We must save America from itself, and our continent can do it. Remember that every year in Chicago, the American Civil War kills more than 1,200 people a year in Chicago. It’s appalling.

So cyber punks are anti-American?

No, cyber punks love America and all nations. We believe in freedom and the right to self-determination of peoples. We just see the drama of the war in Iraq, the war in Vietnam and why not the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima. Far from the hypnosis of media propaganda, we see with lucidity the American massacres in the world, and this is a crime committed by American neo-liberal imperialism.

So cyber punks are pro-Chinese ?

In France, we call ourselves brothers. In China they call themselves comrades. France is actually twice as communist as China and it is the opposite of neoliberalism and the class struggle.
I just note that America offers 2000 billion dollars to impose its violent and rotten model through the war and I note that China offers 2000 billion dollars for the continent in order to develop it economically through the OBOR plan.
The blonde from CNNFOX, and her rotten robot propaganda, I don’t give a damn, she can mess her hair up and give up her pestinsky hairspray that gives her brain cancer!

So for you, Cyber punks are abandoning the cyber punk crypto currencies developed by satoshi nakamoto to go into official Chinese blockchains?

Cyber punks are autonomous and self-managed, they have no masters but know how to recognize influential thinkers and cyber philosophers. Satoshi Nakamoto, whoever he was, did not like the world of banking and yet today the public is doing cryptocurrency to become a small banker. The failure is so dazzling that satoshi nakamoto immediately left the Bitcoin project.

Those who make cryptocurrency are traitors, who think they are wall street geniuses when in reality they are using third-party racing science, but without the beauty of the horse. They are not only limited and vulgar with their money, they are also uneducated. This is evident by seeing them never thinking but just rehearsing like parrots, while showing us images of 12 year olds. Do they realize that when Picasso fights against the bombardment of the civilian population, they on their side show little cartoon monkeys for babies ?

Ok but how can the centralized Chinese blockchain be more cyber punk than bitcoin or even Ethereum decentralized blockchain ?

I told you, those who make cryptocurrency are traitors! They save a koala by giving him 4 pieces of bamboo in a prepubescent and retarded influencer video and here they are, claiming to be ecological. And no one sees anything. Their decentralization is above all rotten mining factories that pollute to death without control. All while being the accomplices of the highest crime. Selling organs, selling weapons, selling drugs, money laundering. If we get out of the crypto marketing lies, we see that the reality of cryptocurrency is amixe between Al Capone, Hittler and some teenage dorks having fun investing after a modern 3D advertising. I admit, banks too, who are used to making a pact with the devil.

But if cryptocurrency is a lie, how is the Chinese blockchain good?

Cryptocurrency is anonymous to carry out a crime and not to defend freedom.

As an artist my greatest freedom is to be able to create works of art but also that they are protected.

China has open source blockchains and uses the Ethereum, Cosmos and Polygon protocols which themselves are open source. Since everything is transparent and transparency shows total honesty, China, pragmatically and concretely, offers the best technological solution while keeping the cyber punk transparency prerequisites.

In one hand you have a cryptocurrency marketing that even a grown teenager can decode and condemn, on the other hand you have a technological reality where China shows total transparency.

For you, therefore, it is no longer necessary to do NFT on opensea but rather to use Chinese blockchains ?

The bankruptcy of Terra Luna and FTX is to be considered. Bitcoin risks jumping with increasingly severe environmental justice laws with the « proof of work ». If the merge of Ethereum gets out of this problem by stalling its protocol on future digital state currencies, they still do not resolve the risks related to economic and financial justice.

Today we can mint an EtHEREUM quality NFT on the Chinese blockchain itself opensource.

Take a good look, on opensea the NFT on Ethereum can go up to 150 euros in creation costs, where China, on the same Ethereul protocol, makes you pay just 0.0006 cents in gas costs. But in addition, all blockchains can break if fiat currency exchangers are prohibited or mining is too, opensea can disappear in a second, where china by offering the ethereum protocol also offers you an unparalleled storage guarantee .

The NFTs on opensea are like rubies, and those on the Chinese blockchain are like diamonds, because they are transparent like opensource and solid like the Chinese data centers which are the most powerful in the world. There was the « proof of work », and « proof of stake », China has more than 5000 years of existence and offers the « proof of civilization » which ensures the solitiy, the security and the perenity of your smart contracts

Can we already mint a nft on the Chinese blockchain ?

We have created a mini market place for the needs of art history, where all Internet users can mint their first NFT. The URL is https://enft.fr and the tutorial is here : https://cryptopall.net/#tuto
By using this site they are the first humans to have historically sent a work of art into the Chinese blockchain.

What blockchain are you using?

We use BSNDDC’s blockchain which is certified by the CCP. We have chosen spartan 1 which works with the prestigious ETHEREUM protocol.

Gas costs: NTTs are incredibly cheap, the price is excellent and therefore democratizes use for the whole world, especially Africa and developing countries.

Where can we buy your works of art and your NFTs ?

I’m a cyber punk, I don’t mix sharing information with selling my work. Do your best to find by yourself !

Do you have a last word ?

Ah ah ah, yes, my last word is: « this is only the beginning! »
But more seriously, I invite people to get out of the direct propaganda of neo liberalism, who has the nerve to even sell wars? But also of this wariness of false alternative worlds which, moreover, never resist philosophical criticism.

China offers the best solution technologically and ethically, it’s factual, you just have to think and get out of the propaganda.


Overall, I am an intellectual from the French republican tradition. My cultural sources are fueled by mythology, religion, philosophy and various more modern denominations. My specialty is to integrate all academies and all fields. I started rap and street art at 15 years old, I joined my uncle in high finance at 18 with a group that generated more than 250 million $ in turnover. I also founded a financial start-up aiming to clean up finance globally through a diamond calibration of the currency. I worked for large French groups such as Bull France and Bouygues Telecom, but also the elite of American sales companies such as Rank Xerox, offering me its special sales training renowned throughout the world. I am also one of the pioneers of the web as a cyber punk activist and developer in PHP MYSQL. I am also a specialist in Audio Visual, I participated in the most important pirate television of the 2000s, I participated in the first video streaming broadcast in the history of France, I hacked the Daylimotion site by becoming the first streamer in front of the camera in history to exceed more than 6 million views, at the same time I hacked BFMTV’s first site: Le web de ZERO, hosted by Karl Zero. I took advanced courses in filmmaking and scriptwriting and I am the co-screenwriter of the Film: Les ombres, broadcast on France 2 and directed by Alex Nahon for John Malkovith’s Chicago theater team. I am also an artist practicing all the arts, except dance, and I co-directed and co-founded an artistic hotel, a theater and a Jazz club, the three very famous places in the 2000s. created and distributed a collection of more than 4,000 drawings and paintings mainly exhibited in the street to fantastic passing Parisians. I am a Blockchain artist with the largest collection and the largest community in France through more than 70K of famous Nfts and number 1 on Tiktok. I am one of the most influential NFT trainer and influencer on Tiktok. I hosted the biggest underground poetry collective of the 2000s. I’m a cyber activist writer with an average of 200 lines a day. I mainly publish on the web. I am also a pianist, guitarist, bassist, singer, lyricist and I practice MAO. I am one of the first FREEJAZZ players using the Xaphoon and I recorded an Electro Free Jazz album with saxophist Arthur Doyle who performs « Someday My prince will come » on SUN RA’s Walt Disney album. I am also a journalist specializing in bioethics, deep geopolitics, religion, culture, finance, crypto currencies, finance and military geostrategies.

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